I2 Intimate Wash - 50 ml

I2 Intimate Wash - 50 ml

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Molecular iodine (I2) Intimate Wash serves as a one-stop solution for all intimate hygiene requirements. Its unique formulation, enriched with molecular iodine (I2), relieves dryness, redness and itching by safeguarding against topical bacterial, viral and fungal threats. The non-toxic nature of molecular Iodine (I2) makes it a perfect match for maintaining complete intimate hygiene as it maintains vaginal pH, stops microbial over-growth, and hence prevents and cures bacterial UTI. Intimate Wash provides a preventive care option like no other, promising to make you more comfortable and look more confident.


  • Controls dryness, redness & itching
  • Doesn't affect natural vulvar microbiome species richness
  • Maintains the required pH balance   


  • Paraben-free
  • Mineral Oil-free

How To Use

  • Take small amount of gel on the palm & mix with water.
  • Apply it on damp intimate region & rinse it off after 2 minutes with water.