I2 Foot Deodorizer - 50 ml

I2 Foot Deodorizer - 50 ml

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Our feet have many sweat glands which along with the microbes present on our skin gives rise to foot odour arising due to feet remaining covered for long hours. Molecular iodine (I2) foot deodoriser is non-staining & non-irritant and provides instant long-lasting protection against pungent odour-forming bacteria. The molecular iodine (I2) in Foot Deodoriser makes sure to inactivate any microbe that could breed in the pores of the feet by working from inside the skin. It provides a long-lasting effect by eliminating the possibility of pungent foot odour when used regularly.
With Foot Deodoriser, never be embarrassed to take your socks off in public again.


  • Provides instant long-lasting protection against


  • Paraben-free
  • Mineral Oil-free
  • Gentle on the skin

How To Use

Shake well and spray evenly on each foot before wearing socks and/ or shoes.