I2 Dry Bath - 50 ml

I2 Dry Bath - 50 ml

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Dry Bath is formulated keeping in mind your fast-paced lives. Enriched with molecular iodine (I2), it possesses broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties while being absolutely stain-free, odour-free and non-toxic. Dry Bath within minutes of getting sprayed over the body eliminates odour and irritation causing bacteria, keeping your body fresh for up to 6-8 hours. The active molecular iodine (I2) reduces armpit blackening that is caused by bacterial overgrowth. Dry Bath gives you the confidence to get out there and carry on with your life while molecular Iodine (I2) keeps your body clean and hygienic.


  • Reduces armpit blackening caused by bacterial overgrowth
  • Eliminates odour-causing bacteria


  • Gentle on the skin
  • SLS & Paraben-free
  • Not likely to cause an allergic reaction

How To Use

Shake well and spray lightly over the body. Spray intensely on odour prone body parts.