Dr Jack Kessler PhD


World's Foremost Scientist - Molecular Iodine

Dr Jack Kessler, aged about 70, is the World's Leading Scientist who has dedicated his life to discover the amazing possibilities of molecular science, and has dedicated the past 30 years to study the preventive health benefits through Molecular Iodine.

Dr Kessler has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the development of applicative areas of iodine-based formulations, Bio-Analytical Assays, and in Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Devices. I2Pure & I2Cure are the result of those decades of research. 

He has also worked as a Senior Scientist, New Technology Evaluation at Hoffman-LaRoche, the Swiss multinational healthcare company. He later went on to work as Senior Principal Systems Engineer at Elbit Systems of America. He is also the member of the founding team of organisations like Symbollon Pharmaceuticals & Iotech International which also have evolved through the development and commercialisation of proprietary drugs based on molecular iodine technology.

I2Cure BioShield™ is yet another gem from the long line of Iodine based products which owe their genesis to Dr Kessler’s lab. Besides the 12-hour anti-microbial barrier for the skin, Dr Kessler’s list of inventions includes a molecular iodine-based solid oral dosage for mammary dysplasia and methods, systems, and devices to identify microorganisms in culture samples. 

List of patents - Dr. Jack Kessler : https://patents.justia.com/inventor/jack-kessler

He has also published multiple papers, articles and peer journal reviews on basic and applied research on iodine formulations and the biochemistry of iodine/thyroid hormones. Leading publications across the world carry Dr Jack’s opinions in their issues, in wider public interest. Recipient of multiple accolades and recognitions from the peer groups in molecular Iodine science, Dr Jack Kessler remains a humble person, always happy to delve deeper into the world of preventive health possibilities. 

In Dr Kessler’s own words, “The holy trinity of Molecular iodine are - Persistence, Patience & pursuit; coz every invention makes the world healthier.”