I2Cure Pte Limited

A biotechnology company promoted by leaders in the scientific & business world from USA and Singapore.

I2Cure is promoted by Dr Jack Kessler, PhD (Known amongst peers as the Father of Molecular Iodine), Mr. Anil Kejriwal, a B.Tech (Chemical Engineering.) from IIT-Kanpur and Douglas Spitz, a business leader with presence in the Silicon Valley.


Dr Jack Kessler, a multiple global patent holder, has spent more than three decades in Iodine research & has harnessed the biocidal properties of molecular iodine that can be used effectively to fight Virus, Bacteria and Fungi.

I2cure Pte Limited would manufacture and market the products born out of deep scientific IP of Dr Jack Kessler, the first of which is the I2Cure BioShield Antiseptic Lotion, which could form the first line of COVID Defense. Dr Jack Kessler’s inventions are a first in the world where Molecular Iodine has been stabilised at 3500ppm. (For reference, other iodines used on human skin are in double digit ppm).


I2Cure's current & future range of products would harness the wonders from the Molecular Iodine to create path-breaking solutions for medical science. The world of Iodine lead by Dr Kessler has already delved deep into preventive and curative healthcare and the future product range of I2Cure would reflect that.
It is the first company in the world to provide Molecular Iodine based ‘BioShield’, a deep cleaning hand lotion that is not just effective and safe, but also provides nourishment to the human skin. While most hand sanitisers are surface disinfectants containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol or 2-propanol) merely provide short term superficial protection against germs & microbes, I2Cure topical disinfectants takes the efficacy of Iodine a few steps further by delivering it into the skin, thereby providing 6-12 hour protection. 
I2Cure is the only company that has tested its topical products in multiple global & Indian labs and proven the superiority of the I2 Iodine molecule over the Povidone Iodine. Definitely, a scientific break-through, which becomes a household need in the years ahead.
I2Cure would be Made in India for the World’ at Uttarakhand under compliance certifications from ISO 9001:2015, WHO GMP, CE, ISR FDA etc.