About I2Cure

An IIT – Kanpur curated venture. Biotechnology company promoted by leaders from the scientific & business world. Made in India, for the world.

I2cure has just one mission today ~ Stop the chain of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in public institutions & communities.

And YES, we are sure that Advanced Molecular Iodine works; not because our chief scientist is a multiple patent holder, a lot of scientific labs have certified it or thousands of doctors are using it.

A couple of million consumers have already experienced the preventive health benefits of our Advanced Molecular Iodine Therapy and the word is spreading faster.

Remember, we’re in the middle of the pandemic and the only duty of all is to save themselves, keep their families safe, keep the business running by maintaining the welfare of employees and operations.

And yeah, we have some of the best global minds leading our business teams, spearheading our vision to reality in research and product development, business management and marketing. Our Chairman & Directors man the customer service desk, often. Need we say more?  

We forgot to mention that there are no known Pathogens in the world that are resistant to Iodine. SARS-2 anyone?

ANIL KEJRIWAL, our Chairman is a serial entrepreneur & venture capitalist who’s created & curated multiple companies in IT & ITeS domain across Singapore & Silicon valley, USA. Right after he acquired a B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) degree from IIT- Kanpur in the 1970s, he moved to Singapore to set up one India’s first venture in ‘manufacture of personal computers’. He’s on the board of multiple companies while he’s celebrating his return to the roots of Chemical engineering, Biotechnology and contributing towards ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat’. Oh yeah, did we tell you that he’s amongst the top 50 distingushed Alumni ever of IIT – Kanpur?


About Molecular Iodine  - Molecular iodine (I2) is the only safe broad-spectrum anti-microbial which has proven Virucidal activity against all known pathogens including SARS Covid 2 virus. I2cure BioShield Covid Defense® delivers free molecular iodine directly into the skin. Once inside, it diffuses back to the surface of the skin & kills any viral, bacterial, and fungal load. It doesn’t get rubbed off or washed away too.

About us - We are a biotechnology company incubated by IIT-KanpurWe ‘Make in India, for the world’.

During the past few weeks, the risk, fear & health & economic destruction have accentuated owing to the spread of the CoV19 & it’s mutated strains. Besides proof of prevention, there is also anecdotal evidence of reduction in viral load amongst Covid positive patients using Molecular Iodine. I2 reduces the viral load in the ENT region and reduces the possibility of severe lung infection as well as reduce the viral load while CoV positive patients exhale.

Our scientists also aver that I2 could be an extremely crucial tool in mitigating risks from the possibility of Black Fungus etc.